Off Piste, Back-Country and Split-boarding

We love Snowboarding ‘and Skiing’ for the fun sensations and the feeling of freedom they give us. In our opinion, the one sensation that beats flying through an open field of knee deep champagne powder is ripping through an open field of waist deep champagne powder!

Alas, we can’t alway guarantee the holy grail, but if you’re ready for an adventure, we’d love to get you off the beaten track with our off piste and back-country sessions.

Intro to off-piste

These sessions are meant for riders already feeling comfortable with steeper trails (e.g. Red trails) even if they’re a little ruffled. We’ll have a blast exploring the resort, with minimal hiking we’ll make use of our favourite easy access off-piste sections, getting you used to dealing with more varied terrain, whilst helping you learn to spot potential hazards, and maybe a couple of natural features :-).


So, understandably you’ve already got the bug for getting off-piste! Now the problem is finding more of it since everyone seems to be hitting up your usual favourite spots. Still gaining access via lifts, but with a small amount of hiking, we’ll get you back off the beaten track and open up sections of the resort you never new existed.

Back-Country and Split-board Tours

Now you’ve really got the adventure bug and you’re itching for more. Weather and conditions allowing we’ll head out to one of our favourite remote spots and go in search of real freedom and our little bit of holy grail!